Changing Your Habits for Improved Health

by Ruvi Makuni

In general, most people know what they need to do to improve their health. You don’t need a Doctor to tell you to eat more vegetables, not smoke cigarettes and to drink water instead of soda. This is all common knowledge, and you are wiser than you know.

What is one thing you know you need to do to take a small step forward?

I want you to think in baby steps so that it’s manageable. For example, if you know you have been too attached to your phone lately, start with something small.

Instead of sitting in bed scrolling social media until you close your eyes at night, start by replacing that scrolling time with something else. Leave your phone plugged in on your nightstand and read a book instead. See how that settles with you over a few days, and reevaluate.

So, what is it that you know you need to change, and will begin the process of changing this week?

Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

Ruvi Makuni

Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

I guide and support busy executives to stay healthy and active by providing quick and easy strategies that can easily be incorporated into hectic lifestyles allowing you to take back control of your health! Read more…

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