Hanger Cures: How to Deal with Mood Swings When Hunger Strikes

by Ruvi Makuni

Do you get grumpy when you are hungry, too?

Or, as some people say, hangry.

It’s a real thing… and I suffer from it as well. Sometimes your day is a bit too busy and you wait too long to eat.

I’ve recognized this in myself, though, and I have started being more mindful about my eating habits to keep the hunger at bay.

Here’s how:

1. Make sure you’re eating enough healthy fat and protein with each meal. This helps the breakdown of food release slower to keep you satisfied longer.

2. Make sure you’re eating a balanced meal, with lots of fruits and veggies.

3. Keep a packet of your favorite nuts in your desk and/or purse so that you have something healthy to munch on when you feel hunger coming on. These are great to use as a quick snack to hold you over to your next meal.

Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

Ruvi Makuni

Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

I guide and support busy executives to stay healthy and active by providing quick and easy strategies that can easily be incorporated into hectic lifestyles allowing you to take back control of your health! Read more…

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