How to Stop Falling Asleep At Your Desk & Avoid the 3 PM Slump

by Ruvi Makuni

How often do you feel like finding the perfect, quiet corner in your office to sneak in a cat nap, hoping nobody else notices?

We know the 3 pm slump all too well, and that’s normally when we make a run for the coffee pot. You, too?

There are ways to stay on top of your energy levels so you can drift through your day effortlessly, instead of drifting off to sleep.

My favorite ways to do this are…

  • Prioritize movement throughout the day. Starting in the morning, I take a short walk or do yoga. On my lunch break, I like to fit in a 15-minute walk around the office or outside to digest my food better and get my blood pumping.
  • Prioritize your sleep. Stick to a schedule, so your body knows what to expect and how to use the rest you’re giving it.
  • Magnesium at bedtime to relax. It really helps to take away the stress of the day and ease your body into a good night’s sleep. I use the Natural Calm magnesium powder to make a drink before bedtime. It tastes good, too.
Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

Ruvi Makuni

Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

I guide and support busy executives to stay healthy and active by providing quick and easy strategies that can easily be incorporated into hectic lifestyles allowing you to take back control of your health! Read more…

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