Staying Healthy While Working from Home

by Ruvi Makuni

If your job has been moved to your home office this year and you’re finding it difficult to get into a good routine, here are some ideas for you.

Get dressed for the day, even if you don’t “have” to. Getting dressed in real clothes puts you in a different mindset. While wearing pajamas all day might seem cozy, it can wear on your mental state over time.

Make a commitment to get outside. Even though the weather is cold, bundle up and get out for a mid-day break. Take a walk around the block with a hot cup of tea warming your hands, or if it’s too frigid, even a small drive will get you out of the house and feeling connected with the outside world.

Prepare your meals for the day. A few hours on Sunday can prepare your lunches for the week so you can fuel your body with nutritious lunches that make you feel great. You can prepare breakfasts, as well, such as overnight oats in the fridge or ready-made smoothies. And if you need some motivation drop in at our next Social Cooking Club for Professionals.

Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

Ruvi Makuni

Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

I guide and support busy executives to stay healthy and active by providing quick and easy strategies that can easily be incorporated into hectic lifestyles allowing you to take back control of your health! Read more…

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