“Working with Ruvi Makuni was a pleasure! Her subject matter expertise was as impressive as it was impactful to employees and I. We all learned something from her patient guidance and coaching. I look forward to putting our newly learned stress management techniques to good use! I highly recommend this program for any business owner, both small and large!” 

–Brian Anderson, Owner at TemperaturePro Northern Virginia

“Ruvi is Hamanasi’s corporate health and wellness consultant. She executes an annual wellness week for our staff, has conducted several “boot camps” for our employees, revised our employee menu, coached staff on healthy eating and exercise, helped us organize various wellness events, such as a 5K, triathlon, volleyball tournament, etc., and created and coached our wellness committee. Ruvi has a unique ability to work with people from all different backgrounds and understands the challenges that developing and/or remote locations bring.”

–Dana Krauskopf, CEO | Hamanasi Resort, Belize

“Ruvi gave me the tools and strategies to prepare healthy meals and get my nutrition back on track. Although I’m a busy working mom, I’ve been able to prioritize my health again and even get my kids more involved in meal prep.” 

–Dr. Vicki Johnson

“This Online Program has been such a godsend. Since I am running my own business, it’s hard for me to break away for an hour and go to the gym. I never seem to have enough time. But with the online program and workouts Ruvi designed for me, I can take a 15 minute break, work out, feel energized and refreshed and go straight back to work.”

–Ronda Ansted

“I am so glad I committed to working with Ruvi on her online program and the 30 day Healthy Habits Challenge for professionals. I recommend her to any busy professional mom like myself who needs that done-for -you fitness and health plan plus accountability.”

–Shonna Smith

“Working out in the privacy of my own home was an important factor. Ruvi’s program is convenient, challenging in all the right ways, and her personal support and encouragement is incredible. Working with her has changed my life in so many positive ways from physical management , healthy eating and stress management.”

–Marianne Williford