Workday Stretches for Professionals

by Ruvi Makuni

If you feel that tension building in your neck, back, and shoulders from sitting all day at a computer, there are some beneficial stretches you can do at home to combat this.

While we can’t change our sedentary jobs, we can take actions throughout the day to help our bodies stay strong when we can’t move often.

My favorite neck stretch is to bend your head down and gently try to press your chin to your chest. Feel the resistance and your muscles stretching all down your back with this simple stretch. Be gentle with yourself through it, and keep from making any sudden movements. Slowly come out of that stretch and try to touch your right ear to your shoulder. You can gently put your hand on your head to add an extra layer of resistance to your stretch. Breathe through each stretch for about 60-90 seconds. Now try on the left side with the same time frame.

Doing this stretch loosens the neck/shoulder muscles in under 5 minutes each day. It helps tremendously for those of you with computer jobs, so give it a try and see how much of a difference it can make with preventing tension headaches.

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Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

Ruvi Makuni

Global Workplace Wellness Specialist

I guide and support busy executives to stay healthy and active by providing quick and easy strategies that can easily be incorporated into hectic lifestyles allowing you to take back control of your health! Read more…

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